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Betsy had a great time with us and has booked lots
of holidays with us.
Badger has stayed with us and enjoyed his holidays  
Ned came to visit.
I think he was zonked
after his play in
the back garden.

I know I was!
Rufus a Boston Terrier had a good time playing when he came to visit us.
Gizzie and Jessie enjoyed
their stay with us. They are two
lovely golden retrievers who love to play together.
Murphy had a long stay
with us for 23 days. A lovely dog!
Bartley and Maple out for their morning walk.
Minnie stayed with us for 6 days.
She is a lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback, well trained
and incredibly friendly. Minnie has already booked her next holiday with us.
Ted stayed with us for a few days.

Another lovely dog who loves to play - Fetch and Go Bring - 
in the back garden.
Django stayed with us for 6 days.
He liked snuggling  into you in the evenings!
Gus enjoyed his walks and is already planning his next holiday with us.  He is a lovely dog to go walking with. 
Buddy stayed with us
while  his owner was on holiday.
He was another lovely dog to go walking with.
Ronnie out for the afternoon at
Lee on the Solent.
Oscar and Tilly out for a walk
Pablo and Luna out for a walk at Lee on the Solent
Levi and Shilo
at home in
our kitchen
Rudi with his coat on
Bailey out having a play
out for a walk
Loki having a good look around
playing "fetch and go bring"
Daisy having
a rest after playing
having a look around
Kwinn having
a rest after a nice long walk
having a play
waiting for the ball
Louie relaxing after his walk
Betsy and Henry,
Betsy's new "brother"
Bonnie  and Patch
in the back garden
Sonny and Cookie after a nice long walk
George out for a
walk in the back garden.
Bell enjoying a nice walk 
Ruby deciding what to do, play inside or go out in the back garden!.
watching me work
Lexi having
a look around

Bella having arrest after a walk
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